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How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

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While you may not think of Savannah, GA as a hotbed of poetry, there are a surprising number of writers located here in the city that love to share their work! That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to get out and celebrate National Poetry Month. We’re pretty sure we’ve got some awesome poets in our Timberland apartment community. Not sure how to celebrate? Never fear! We have four suggestions here to get you going.

Write a Poem

A fun way to celebrate National Poetry Month is by trying your hand at writing your own poetry. This can be done without leaving your apartment! There are several different types of poetry, so start by picking one that sticks to a certain form, structure, or rhyme pattern to get the hang of it. Try writing a haiku for a fun experiment!

Read Poetry

There is plenty of great poetry out there. Head to your favorite local library and check out a collection of poems by poets like William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, or any number of well-known poets. Learn to appreciate the beauty of how the poem flows, the rhyme scheme (if there is one), and the vivid imagery that the poem invokes in your mind as you read. To get the full effect, some poetry is best read out loud.

Attend a Poetry Slam

A Poetry Slam is an event where people get together and recite their poetry. It is often a competition where prizes are awarded to the winners. Find a local poetry slam in your area with the help of

Share a Poem

Use social media to help your promote poetry. Whether it is a poem you wrote or just your favorite poem by someone else, share a poem via social media on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with your friends and followers. Show your love for poetry by sharing it with others!

How are you going to celebrate National Poetry Month this April? Comment below with any suggestions you have!