Make Your Own Fall Decor

closeup of a pumpkin painted black with orange jack-o-lanterns on it and paint supplies nearby

Welcome back to the Timberland Blog! Fall has arrived here in Savannah, GA and we are loving it. If you haven’t quite gotten around to decorating your apartment for fall, don’t fret; we are sharing a few fall crafts that you can make to help bring the season to your apartment. The best thing is that you can use them again and again, year after year!

No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins from A Piece of Rainbow

These fabric pumpkins look adorable and you won’t believe how incredibly easy they are to make. All you will need is a roll of toilet paper or two (depending on what size pumpkin you want), some hand towels, and a fun patterned scarf or shirt.

Fall Leaf Mason Jars from Sugar Bee Crafts

These adorable fall leaf mason jars bring both color and light into any room! Follow the tutorial from the above link in order to make them. What you will need: a mason jar, craft or spray paint, a paint brush or sponge brush, and contact paper or vinyl to make the decals.

Ombre Pinecones from Whimzeecal

These ombre painted pinecones are easy to make and will add a splash of color to any room in your apartment. All you will need to make one is a pine cone, acrylic paint in three or four different shades of the same color, an angled paintbrush, and an old toothbrush.

Candy Corn Button Art from Repeat Crafter Me

Add a little fall flair with this framed candy corn button art. What you will need: an 8x10 picture frame, a variety of orange, white, and yellow buttons in different shades, burlap, acrylic paint in orange, yellow, and white, mod podge, scissors, measuring tape, a ruler, and a hot glue gun with glue sticks.

What is your favorite thing about making your own decor? Let us know in the comments. Happy fall!