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Spring Cleaning Tips

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After a long and brutally cold winter, Spring is finally here! The weather is warmer and everything is starting to bloom, which means that it’s also time to get your Timberland apartment in tip-top shape with some Spring cleaning. These helpful tips will ensure that your apartment here in Savannah, GA will be fresher than the green grass that’s growing outside.

Declutter Your Apartment

During the winter, it is normal to spend more time indoors, but this can often lead to an increase in clutter in your apartment. Clean up the clutter and make your space feel more breathable. Put your winter clothes, blankets, and snow gear into storage until next winter.

Clean Carpets, Rugs, and Floors

Winter can leave your apartment feeling stuffy, but as the weather warms up and spring starts to move in, a great way to eliminate the stuffiness is to deep clean all your carpets, rugs, and floors. Remove any ground-in dirt, get rid of any stains left by dirt or tracked in mud, and shake out all the dust from any rugs.

Clean the Windows

Now that the weather is no longer freezing, go ahead and crack open a window. Wash those windows so they once again let the light shine in. Spring is here and the sun has returned! You’ll be amazed by how much cleaning the windows and letting the spring air and some light into your apartment will lift your mood!

Add a Houseplant

Get a houseplant and add it to your apartment to bring a little life inside your home. The greenery will be a welcome addition, and watching the plant grow will both surprise and fascinate you! Not to mention, the plant will help you breathe easier with the oxygen it produces and releases into the air.

Do you have any tips to get your apartment aired out for the Spring? Be sure to comment them below and let us know!