The People in Your Neighborhood: Who to Thank During This Season of Gratitude

A person taking a thank you card out of the envelope
In our last post, we focused on way to express gratitude during this season of thanksgiving. This time, we’re expanding on that topic by identifying who to thank. After reading through our post, take some time to create a list of people you want to include in your efforts for giving thanks, whether they be member of our apartment community at the Timberland, people you know in Savannah, or those who live out of the state of Georgia! Whoever is on your list, they will be delighted to hear from you.

Identifying People to Made Easy


However long they’ve been in your life or however formally or informally they’ve taught you, they are invaluable and probably too often overlooked! Take time to think about someone who has made an impact on you and taught you something about life, education, or the world. Write a thank-you note to them and send it to express your thanks.


They’re the people who you’re probably around most often, so try to find a way to appreciate them this month. Expressing positive feelings about coworkers and bosses can be a great way to build team unity and establish healthy relationships that make working together and resolving issues together an easier task.


We all have a need for interpersonal relationships, so reflect on the positive ones you have and express your gratitude for your friends’ support and love. Find something specific to thank someone for, and offer to do something fun with them to keep the good feelings flowing.

Family and Chosen Family

All relationships have moments of hardship, but family relationships can get especially complicated and difficult. Take a moment to call up someone important to you who you consider family and express your love to them. See what bridges you can rebuild, repair, or strengthen. And look for ways to be more loving and accepting of others to create a welcoming environment for people who need a home.

Even if it’s simply a text, an instant message, or a phone call, we hope as you express your gratitude that you will feel the peace and joy that comes from reaching out to others in thanks. We want to express our gratitude to everyone who lives here at the Timberland; we have an amazing apartment community. Happy Thanksgiving!